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A little bit about me

Hello there.  First of all, thank you for visiting.
My name is Lisa. I am a married mother of two young boys. After completing my degree in science, I went straight into the working world, where I happily worked full time for many years. I became ill in 2016 with a pituitary tumour and although my surgery to remove the tumour was successful, the function of my pituitary was affected. Suddenly I became very aware of my hormones and the role they play in the body. From working closely with my Endocrinologist and speaking to many other people with different pituitary disorders, I gained a wide knowledge on the subject.
Fast forward a few years and I found myself struggling with fertility issues. This is when I found Reflexology. After only a couple of treatments, my body was finally able to let go of the anxiety and tension I was carrying, and I fell pregnant with my beautiful son I continued treatments throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I feel I owe so much to Reflexology for what it has given me and wanted to pass this wonderful gift on to others, so they can see some of the same benefits I did. So I retrained in reflexology and holistic therapy and hope to be able to share this wonderful gift.

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