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Foot Reflexology

This beautiful, relaxing treatment has many benefits including
- Improves sleep
- Reduces anxiety
- Aids digestion
- Lowers blood pressure
- Improves circulation
- Boosts immune system
- Boosts energy
- Balances hormones
- Encourages body's own natural healing ability


Hand Reflexology

Just as the foot has reflex points that correspond to the rest of the body, so does the hand.
Experience all of the potential wonderful benefits of reflexology through your hands.

Lending a Helping Hand

Baby and Child Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe and effective treatment that can be used from birth. During this treatment the parent/guardian will also be shown techniques and points on baby's feet to continue the benefits at home. It is lovely one on one time with your baby and can help tackle many issues eg

- Digestive complaints

- Colic

- Reflux

- Nasal congestion

- Teething

- sleep problems

Newborn Baby Foot

Fertility Reflexology

A special treatment tailored to work on specific reflex points related to fertility. This treatment can be performed on both men and women and aims to balance the body's hormones and bring deep relation to the client. This allows the body to be in the best position for conception.


Maternity Reflexology

This treatment is specially designed aid relaxation throughout pregnancy as well as easing some of those more difficult symptoms including heartburn, backache, insomnia, anxiety and morning sickness. It can help to balance hormones and prepare the body for labour.

Mother Playing with Baby


Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force is a non invasive healing technique that creates balance within the body. It works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This ancient healing technique helps to release blocked energies that can become stagnant after physical injuries or even emotional pain. Over time, these blocked energies can cause illness. Reiki helps to unblock these stagnant energies and promote  a healthy flow of energy within the body. This allows the body to heal itself and has infinite benefits.


-  Reduces stress/tension
-  Balances energy within the body
-  Reduces pain and discomfort
-  Improves sleep
-  Promotes health and wellbeing
-  Reduces anxiety
-  Increases productivity and focus
-  Boosts immune system

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